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Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub is a social enterprise that works on gathering, testing and sharing successful agri-business solutions, with the aim of inspiring and transforming Kenya’s smallholder farmers and the many unemployed youth, to adopt the modern agribusiness models. Our work is hinged on the belief that rural subsistence farmers and the increasing unemployed young generation can become a solution to the growing global food challenge.

The social enterprise idea was born in year 2013. The initial plan was to start a private farming venture but the business research phase revealed a lot of information gaps in the agricultural sector. It is at this stage that we found out that there existed lots of modern agricultural technologies but disappointingly, this knowledge has not translated into actual practice and adoption especially by a majority of rural smallholder farmers and the youth who are willing to venture into farming. As a result of these realization, and coupled with the founders vast experience in development work, there emerged both a challenge and an opportunity for the venture to work beyond the profit making aspects only.

The challenge that emerged for us at that point was to design an entrepreneurship model that will not only focus on profits but also on ensuring the huge number of farmers who were still stuck in their traditional farming practices were reached and empowered with the latest agricultural skills, thus improving their production. On the other hand, we felt that the situation also presented us with an opportunity, where Nutri-Fresh Farm &AgriHub could tap into the founder’s vast community development background, to design strategies for taking the modern agricultural innovations to the rural farmers and the unemployed youth.

The social enterprise initiative was further developed in the course of 2014.  The enterprise is now using several approaches to gather the latest agricultural innovations, test their applicability on local situations and transfer them to the rural small holder farmers and the youth.



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