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Demo farms and Trainings

Improved indigenous poultry demo farm

We have a model poultry farm where we showcase and train smallholder farmers on the innovative practices of rearing improved indigenous chicken. Improved indigenous chicken are highly recommended by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute (KARLO) since they are easy to manage, can be reared under the traditional free-range system, fast maturity, superior body weight and the egg production rates. These breeds are ideal for smallholder rural farmers since they require less effort and their products have a huge market demand. The families are able to get the scarce animal protein (eggs and meat) for their own consumption.

Indigenous vegetables, fruits and mushrooms demo farms

We have model farms where we test latest innovations and technologies that are applicable in the growing high nutrition and locally adaptable vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, through the use of small spaces as well with little water resources.

Indigenous vegetables are quickly regaining popularity among Kenyans due to their high nutritional value combined with their ability to grow organically.  Many Kenya seed producing companies and research institutions are putting lots of efforts to develop superior seeds, though farmers are yet to adopt and fully accept these superior breeds.

On the mushrooms we train farmers on the complete process of growing high nutrition produce for smallholders’ domestic consumption and for sale in the growing Kenyan market.  According to Kenya’s Government National Farmers Information Services (NAFIS), the demand for mushroom is hardly being met in Kenya due to low adoption by farmers. Further, mushrooms are a very good source of cholesterol free protein.

Farm produce value addition, retail selling and online marketing

With our own demo farms produce and that of smallholder farmers, we explore possibilities of improving post harvests handling, value addition as well as use of direct retail and online selling.

Many smallholder farmers are often exploited by middle men who buy raw products but through value addition and direct marketing, these farmers are capable to get better returns of their farm investments.

We are creating a sharing platform where we will train, expose and allow sharing of best practices for produce handling and value addition for farmers. We will also provide an online selling platform as well also train and encourage farmers to take advantage of the already existing online selling platforms.

We have a plan to establish retail shops in the urban cities to sell high nutritional and fresh products from our own demo farms as well as from the smallholder farmers. With this arrangement, we will ensure that the farmers are paid what their products have fetched in the market upon deduction of handling costs.

Farmers technical and seed capital support, training and specialized referrals

In addition to exposing smallholder farmers and youth to the practical agribusiness demo farms, we also offer technical support and follow ups on their own farms to ensure that they are able to take off with the right practical information.  We also work on creating applicable linkages with a wide range of agricultural stakeholders, and use this as linking hub for smallholder farmers to access specialized support which may be of help to their progression.

We plan to work with investors and donors who may be interested in providing seed capital or grants to start of the smallholder farmers. We will use the revolving fund model where if initial funding is availed, the farmers will pay back through their produce, and this paid back amounts will go towards starting off new farmers.

Gathering, curation & mass sharing of agri-based innovations through ICT based platforms

The best way to transform a society is by use of modern media channels to share applicable innovations. At Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub, we invest time to gather success stories on agricultural innovations and model trends, put them together in our online blog and use the social media platforms to share them widely to farmers.

Agri-business consultancy services

Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub will use its knowledge, exposure and experience on agri-business to offer consultancies on the diverse aspects in the sector



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