Nutri fresh

With our own demo farms produce and that of smallholder farmers, we explore possibilities of improving post harvests handling, value addition as well as use of direct retail and online selling.

Many smallholder farmers are often exploited by middle men who buy raw products but through value addition and direct marketing, these farmers are capable to get better returns of their farm investments.

We are creating a sharing platform where we will train, expose and allow sharing of best practices for produce handling and value addition for farmers. We will also provide an online selling platform as well also train and encourage farmers to take advantage of the already existing online selling platforms.

We have a plan to establish retail shops in the urban cities to sell high nutritional and fresh products from our own demo farms as well as from the smallholder farmers. With this arrangement, we will ensure that the farmers are paid what their products have fetched in the market upon deduction of handling costs.


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